Samsung A320 Galaxy A3 2017 - Gold

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  • Brand: Samsung
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Samsung A320 Galaxy A3 2017 - Gold

The Galaxy A3's 4.7in screen hits the sweet spot for us when it comes to screen size. Most flagship phones these days have a screen that's 5in or bigger, but we prefer the portability of the 4.7in screen size and find it to be a good balance between being usable, enjoyable for gaming and videos, and a comfortable fit in the hand, pocket or bag.

The screen itself is Samsung's HD Super AMOLED display, which the company describes as 2.5D due to its slight curve at the edges. Super AMOLED screen tech is our favourite of all phone displays thanks to its vibrant, slightly oversaturated colours and excellent contrast. This screen hasn't changed since last year's models and is still HD at 1280x720 pixels, but due to the smaller screen size this still offers a pixel density of 312ppi. It'll be sharp enough for most users, but it's worth noting that there are phones with lower price tags that offer better screens, including the upcoming Moto G5 with its Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) screen.




: 4.7in HD Super AMOLED


: 1.6GHz octa-core


: 2GB


: 16GB

MicroSD support

: Up to 256GB


: Android Marshmallow

Primary camera

: 13Mp (f1.9)

Selfie camera

: 8Mp (f1.9)

Fingerprint scanner

: Yes


: Yes (IP68)


: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac


: 4.2


: Type-C


: Yes


: 2,350mAh fast-charging


: 135.4x66.2x7.9mm

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